As soon as you owe taxes, the interest and fees grow like weeds. They accumulate quicker than many people can pay.

As a full-service tax firm, we at Best Debt Relief Program are focused on offering our clients skilled IRS tax help so that you can seek out the best answers to alleviate taxdebt and decrease the legal effects of overdue tax liabilities

Our tax professionals have extensive expertise in offering taxdebt help to people and companies that are having difficulty with the IRS.

Our services include:

• IRS payment/liability arrangements

• Statutory compliance obligations

• GST liability help

• IRS installment agreement assistance

• Personal asset protection

• Request for Discharge from Personal Liability help

• Winding Up applications

• Appoint Voluntary Administrators or Liquidators

We have always successfully provided quality, professional legal counsel to both individuals and businesses. In addition to taxes and collections, our team of professionals can also advise clients in all areas of business tax law.

We are experienced and aggressive in fighting for your rights as a taxpayer. We fight the fight on your behalf to help restore your peace of mind.

The benefits of working with us:

• We talk to you and offer strategies.

• Ongoing answers and support

• Direct communication with the IRS

• Best legal options including “offers in compromise”

• Tax negotiation and representation

• Best monthly repayments options

• Appeals process, if necessary

We specialize in providing effective tax debt solutions for our clients. You can trust us to work hard on your behalf, always with your financial best interests as our highest priority.

The tax relief help we provide handles many different needs, such as Business Payroll Taxes, Business and Personal Audits, IRS Tax Levies, and much more. We've effectively helped clients develop longlasting and productive answers for their tax issues so that you can realize taxdebt reduction.

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